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March at the Winery Was a Smash

Our March Second Sunday gig at the Winery was quite an event with two singers and a huge crowd. Frenchie said she lost a few people who decided not to come in because all the tables were full and seating was down to chairs only. We played until 8:30 pm, usually we go to 8 pm. but the crowd demanded more. I guess everyone needed to get another dance in.

Elin and Matthew, University students, sang several tunes each and added considerably to the great time. Thanks guys!

We love that people have decided that big band swing is fun and flocked to the Missoula Winery on Second Sunday’s to dance, listen and socialize with us.

Come early- dance often! The next one is April 12th.

-Your purveyor of bass lines, Pete

February/Valentines Day at the Winery

Februray 11, 2015

We had a great turnout at the Winery this past Sunday (February 8th), biggest ever according to our hostess with the most-est, Frenchie. The SwingKidz from the University were along for the ride and the dance floor was busy. Thanks to all our loyal fans – we love ya!

As our resident Ed, drummer Ed Stalling put it, “We kicked ass, sounded amazing, were the talk of the town and if you weren’t there, then you missed it”. I know that the band sounded good from where I was standing.

I’m not sure what it means, but our illustrious sax player, Mr. Florence said, “da-0m !!!”.

Since it is February, we played tunes that fit with the season – Valentines/Mardi Gas. Is it true that 90% of songs are love songs; probably. Anyway, it was a fun time, wish you there.

Pete (the doghouse driver)

First Night 2015

Our First Night gig was well attended. Dancers, kids and you name it came out to ring in the New Year of 2015. There were some period costumes from a bygone time, but mostly it was a casual affair. The Band however, was a suited up in our finery.

It’s always a good time that the Missoula Cultural Council offers up as a First Night party for the town. When it’s all said and done, it seems almost everyone in the community who wants to offer a talent gets their chance. Thanks to all of the volunteers and crew that make it possible and here’s to a New Year.

We offer up a few photos courtesy of MCAT and also Amelia Rose- thank you.

December at the Winery

They were dancin’ up a storm this month.


I’ve been working on this new version of the website and took a bunch of photos, including the rogue’s gallery on the band page. I cropped the photos, so what you missed was everyone’s glass of wine provided by our wonderful hostess at the Missoula Winery, Frenchie. We’ve been very lucky to have such a wonderful place to play for these last four years. – Pete

Here are a few more photos from the evening.

October Second Sunday at the Winery

These tracks were recorded at the Missoula Winery October 12th, 2014. There were only 4 saxes instead of the usual five that evening. It turned out to be a fun evening of music with a nice audience.

  1. Beautiful Friendship Ed Norton Big Band 3:38
  2. Intermission Riff Ed Norton Big Band 2:44
  3. Wave Ed Norton Big Band 4:48